Rupee Jumps Marginally Against Us Dollar, Closes 10 Paise Higher At 65.18 – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

The rupee has been closing marginally higher for the past few days after the plans suggested by the US President Donald Trump failed to hold any ground in the American currency among the international traders around the world.

The rupee has taken support from the domestic stocks that opened higher than the past week. On Wednesday, the gains from the domestic foreign data and the Asian currencies were tracked and it was found that the Indian rupee was closing marginally higher against the US dollar.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green revealed that on Monday, the home currency closed at 65.36. Over the next two days, the domestic currency showed a continuous improvement and closed at a 0.11% higher rate. The Indian rupee opened at 65.31 and closed at a high of 65.38.

When the domestic traders will be keeping a close eye on the details of the US Federal Reserve which will be released on Wednesday, the government will be taking care of the Index of Industrial Production and Consumer Price Index for both, August and September. The latter will be out on 12th October.

This year, the Sensex has gained more than 20% – the BSE benchmark index which was down at the start of the year rose by 0.24% and closed at 31,924.41 – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Overall, the current year has been pretty good for the Indian rupee – it has gained 4% while the investors have put their money in equity and debt – $5.11 billion and $21.29 billion, respectively.

The dollar index that measures the currency strength of US dollar against other currencies has traded at 0.29% low, as mentioned by Nirmal Singh Lotus Green in his report which was brought out last week.


New Delhi Metro Rates After The Recent Price Hike – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

This is the second time in a couple of months that the Delhi Metro prices are hiked. The first phase of the hike started from May 10th in which the government raised the minimum ticket price from Rs 8 to Rs 10 – the maximum price before the 10th of May was Rs 30 which was increased to Rs 50.

October 10th marks the start of the second phase of these price changes in Delhi. The central government, in order to maintain the tax structure of the capital, proposed these fare hikes which were given a go sign earlier this year. – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Traveling with Metro in Delhi used to be a cheap method for people who travel daily and cannot afford the fare of the private cabs and do not want the hassle of public buses. But with these new hikes, the same people will struggle. They will have to pay more for the same distance. When the cheapest ticket has only experienced a price hike of just a couple of bucks, the maximum has gone up by 30 rupees since the hike was first brought in. The ticket that used to cost Rs 30 will now cost Rs 60 to the travelers after the second phase.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said that if you are traveling a short distance, less than 5 km, then you will be paying the unrevised amount but for everyone who is traveling more than 5 km, they will have to pay Rs 10 more. These price hikes have surely made the situation between the Delhi government and Central government a bit restless and tensed even. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation [DMRC] was the one that decided to go forward with the new prices saying that it won’t be competent to defer the price hike – this ended a political confrontation between the two governments.

Sushma Swaraj Took To Twitter About Rescuing Two Ailing Pakistanis

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green appreciated the move made by the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday took to Twitter so as to rescue two Pakistani citizens, promising them visas within the hours of requests.

Indeed, the external affair minister is quite active on her social media account, especially when it comes to spreading a work about the swiftness of the ministry.  In fact, she is setting a ‘social media diplomacy’ trend by providing them with visas in seconds. This will indeed lessen the growing gap between the two countries and reduce the mounting tension.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green would like to quote Sushma Swaraj, “We are issuing visa for the open heart surgery of your 3 year old daughter in India. We also pray for her speedy recovery here,” Swaraj wrote in response to Lahore resident Uzair Humayun’s request for visa for his 3-year-old daughter who suffers from heart disease.

“My 3yrs old daughter needs urgent heart surgery,kindly help me in issuing visa. I’ll be grateful to you Regards,” Humayun had written to Swaraj on Friday.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green was more than happy to inform the people that Swaraj this time helped the Pakistani citizen in the need of the hour, while he needed to get his liver transplant.

“Yes, Noorma. We are allowing visa for the liver transplant of your father in India. We wish him a successful surgery and a long life,” Swaraj tweeted to Noorma Habib.

Habib had on October 6 requested urgent help for her father, who was “in bad condition.”

“@SushmaSwaraj we applied for indian medical visa for liver transplant of my father he is in bad condition.We will be thankful to u. Plz help,” she had tweeted.

There have been several instances when Swaraj came out and helped people across the border in such medical treatment.

  1. On the occasion of Independence Day, Pakistani women suffering from cancer was allowed to get herself treated in India and she was granted with visa
  2. Hitting out at her counterpart Sartaj Aziz she came ahead in July to assure a medical visa to another Pakistani individual although the person was not given a letter that is stipulated as part of the rules.
  3. Another incident was recorded where Swaraj assured visa to a Pakistani man from Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK), without any letter from Aziz.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green feels glad to inform that Swaraj has not left a single chance of explaining her gratitude on social media and took the best use of its territorial responsibility.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green Swaraj said the rules do not apply to the individual in question, essentially reiterating that PoK “is an integral part of India.”

Modi’s Govt. may have slowed down the economy, still better than UPA – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Prime Minister Modi, in his recent press conference, came out aggressively on the notions circulating the news that his government has failed the entire nation and that the steps that he took have caused the economy to fall steeply. The opposition parties have left no stone unturned when it comes to criticizing Modi and his government. Former finance minister openly showed his concern over the policies of the present finance minister Arun Jaitley and said that he was the main mind behind the economic slowdown in the country.

Yes, the policies of BJP and how the lack of planning made the economy of the country suffer cannot be neglected. Demonetisation and GST have played an important role in the failure of the policies but to create the whole picture we have to compare the current condition of the economy with the one that we had when UPA and NDA were in power. – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

To get a balanced idea of the situation and to compare BJP govt. with that of its predecessors, we have to go back to the year 2004 and start the comparisons from there. 2004 was the year UPA came to power in India.

We should also keep in mind the condition of the economy each government took the helm with. When UPA came into power, the industrial growth in the country was at 5.4% which came down by more than one percent at 4.2% in 2014 – the year the government was changed.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said that this was the same year when Modi started his famous ‘Make in India’ campaign. The main idea behind the campaign was to improve the domestic manufacturing hub in India and to create more jobs – to keep the workforce in India.

When Modi took on the chair of the PM of India, the economy was in a sluggish condition thanks to the incompetent policies and corruption.


FIFA Under-17 World Cup: Mumbai Braces Up Itself With PWD, NMMC For Better Roads

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green learns that the civic body is all set to finish the project around October 6 in order to avoid any inconvenience while visiting the stadium and people would not suffer.  Indeed, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has a huge history of deferring deadlines for projects that it initiates. Keeping mind this huge pending work before, the organization has fast tracked the projects in the past few weeks. The NMMC is working day and night to cope up with the deadlines for repairing roads or installing streetlights.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green thinks that civic body has to save the face before the FIFA Under-17 World, which will start from October 7 at the DY Patil Stadium in Nerul.

They further said that maintenance of the Palm Beach Road is the best example of NMMC’s desperation to complete pending projects before the World Cup. To get the work done at a fast pace, the civic body has finished the construction of road that was on hold for over a period of 10 years. However, now NMMC has finished the micro-surfacing of the 9-km road in just 10 days.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green would like to quote Ankush Chavan, an additional municipal commissioner, NMMC, who said that the civic body was determined to finish the project before October 6 so that sports people visiting the stadium do not suffer.

As of now, hundreds of labourers are being employed to clean the Sion-Panvel highway. To get the work done at a fast pace, the public works department (PWD) has fastened the work of the highway and stretched near the stadium which appears to be smooth. Not just the road, but also the process of beautification will be taken care of, as the NMMC is planting the flowering plants at all the prime areas of junctions around it.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green would like to quote SK More, 45, a resident of Sanpada, who said:  “This zeal to finish work clearly shows that there is no dearth of resources or manpower to complete the civic works on time. What the NMMC is lacks is willpower to take up new projects and complete them on time.”

“We are 100% sure that none of this —good roads, streetlights, signboards — would have happened if not for the World Cup. The NMMC has funds, but lacks strategy utilise it for the benefit of the residents,” said Manish Bhatia, 34, another resident from Nerul.

Ola Will Be Raising $2 Billion From A Japanese Company Soon, Reveals Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

India’s startup market may have taken a serious hit after GST and Demonetization in the last year but the International companies and major business owners are still intrigued by how the Indian minds have handled everything.

Ola, one of the most successful startups India has seen in the recent years might just end all competition in the market. Japan’s Softbank is looking to invest heavily in the Indian startup landscape and Ola is the name that has been doing the round recently. The meetings between the two firms have been stalling for a couple of months but last week it was mentioned by Nirmal Singh Lotus Green that Soft bank has decided to finally go forward with a deal.

Ola will be receiving a total funding in excess of $2 billion from the likes of Softbank Group Corp and Tencent. This amount is still not finalized and can go up if the deal of the same companies goes forward with SnapDeal.

Ratan Tata, who is backing the funding as a venture capitalist fund along with University of California’s investment handling arm and some institutional investors based in the US.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said in a recent press conference which was conducted with the sources close to both Ola and Soft bank that this deal will change the way the Indian startup will flourish in the coming years. ‘So many International companies are trying to come in the same frame as India’s successful startups. Some have even boosted their global presence just by simply being associated with Indian businesses – this can be a similar story with both the parties benefiting from the deal, if the deal goes forward that is’, he said.

The deal might be finalized in the next month. The spokesperson of Ola will be conducting a press conference next week to share the details of the deal.

Kejriwal Against Metro Fare Hike, Will Ask To Roll Back The Decision Soon, Says Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Arvind Kejriwal showed his concern over the Metro fare hikes and tweeted heavily against the same. He said the idea is ‘anti-people’ and should not be taken forward. The transport minister, Kailash Gahlot, has also been contacted by the Delhi CM to take action against the implementation of the new fares that are about to kick in from the 10th day of October.

This will be the second time in less than four months that the Delhi Metro fares will be hiked. Metro rides will get more expensive and Kejriwal thinks that this shouldn’t be the case under any circumstance and regardless of how many brain-storming sessions the Central Government has sat through.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green reported that the fares were hiked back in May – it was a part of the multi-phase routine that the government implemented early this year. The second phase of the project was about the kickoff from the 1st of October but due to some back clash from the opposition parties, it was postponed till the 10th.

The metro fare hike is anti-people. Transport minister Gahlot has been asked to find something that could prevent this from happening and soon, said Kejriwal. He also said the transport minister should see this hike from the perspective of the public and not from where he sits – he should summon the DMRC chief Mangu Singh if need be. These prices should not be allowed to increase. If the prices were hiked, it will kick the daily commuters in the gut, said Nirmal Singh Lotus Green.

The central government has been trying to manage the economy of the country which seems to be at an all-time low at the moment, especially after the demonetization and GST. These multi-phase price hikes around the country and heavy taxation seem to be to streamline the Indian economy before the next election.