Center Approves The BJP Request, Mughalsarai Station To Be Renamed After Deen Dayal Upadhaya

The Centre has accepted the proposal of the BJP government to rename the Mughalsarai, a railway station in Uttar Pradesh after Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, the RSS ideologist.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that the BJP government, led by Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh aims to revive the legacy of Deen dayal Upadhaya who died at the station in 1968. The junction is the fourth busiest railway station in the country and is located on the main Howrah- Delhi Grand Chord line. If any government plans to rename a station then they need permission from the Ministry of Railways. The request was made by the RSS members and was proposed to Yogi Adityanath. After getting the approval from the Uttar Pradesh government, they forwarded the request to the Ministry of Railways for further approval.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that like any other proposal being presented in the Parliament, this move also led to an uproar in Parliament after several MPs protested against the Centre’s decision for approving the BJPs request to rename the station.

The proposal got its final approval form the Minister of State for home affairs Hansraj Ahir.

Mughalsarai is the fourth busiest railway junction in India, mostly for the trains bound for eastern and northeastern regions. The station has the largest marshaling yard in Asia, it is 12.5 km long and handles about 1500 wagons daily.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green mentions that is not the only plan that BJP has for reviving the memory of the RSS leader, the BJP government has started working towards roadmap for the same. The party has started working on the pretext of the Deodayal Upadhaya, they claim that their campaigns will help educate the mass about the contribution of Upadhaya to the society. They also promise that the campaigns would not be restricted only to the Hindu faces, near the temples but they have made mosques also a part of their campaign.

The major question that everyone is going about asking each other is, what the real agenda behind the name change is, is it a political project, a personal party agenda or a work towards the spread of iconography.

Mughalsarai is not the only name that is being changed under the Yogi government. Before Mughalsarai, Farah, a town close to Upadhaya’s birth town was renamed after him. The new civil terminal at Agra’s Air Force airport is also being named after a RSS icon.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that he does not believe that changing the names of the places with RSS leaders is going to effect the society.  Though it will be good to see, if the society is effected by the names and how.


Author: nirmalsinghlotusgreen

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green is a professional writer. He works in Noida. He loves to write books and he is also passionate about writing on social issues. Read the blog for more information.

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