Sachin Tendulkar Becomes A Part Of ‘Swachh Bharat’ With Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

The Clean India Movement that the PM started when he came into power has successfully etched itself in the minds of the people, for positive reasons, of course. The swachh Bharat movement was the cornerstone of the political agenda of Narendra Modi during the elections. The ‘abhiyan’, as the BJP leaders call it, saw a lot of high profile personalities of the country become a part of it; some even came out on roads with a broom to show their support for the movement and for the PM.

The recent addition to that lot is the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, himself. He urged the people of the country to see the bigger picture and work for making the cities and surrounding cleaner to not just make everything look beautiful but to also open doors to an improved, healthy lifestyle.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green told us that Sachin has been tweeting for a while in support of the movement but this was the first time he came out and talked to people about the importance of the movement and why more people should be a part of it.

On Monday, Sachin came out on the streets of Bandra’s suburbs in the morning to talk to people about the initiative and to show his support for the work the central government of the country has been doing.

Sachin said ‘The garbage is all over the city. People throw their wastes wherever they want to but this is not good for the environment and we need to understand this. I would request people of my city to not litter openly’.

While talking to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, he implied that he feels really sorry for the way people are defacing the earth. He urged people to take the Swachh Bharat Mission seriously and to see the city as their home.



Government Planning To Boost The Economy Desperately – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Various Economy Sectors In The Country Have Been Struggling Of Late And The Government On Wednesday Said That There Might Be An Involvement Of A Much-Needed Booster Shot For The Economy Of India.

The Indian GDP Growth During The April-June Quarter Has Fallen To A New Three-Year Low Of 5.7%. This Is Being Seen By The Indian Economists As The Clear Indications Of A Major Economic Slowdown In The Country. The Private Sector Investment Has Also Been Experiencing A Major Dropdown Which Will Eventually Make Finding Jobs In The Private Sector Difficult.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green Has Recently Indicated That The Indian Government Is In Serious Discussions To Bolster The Economy. He Said That Arun Jaitley Has Been Sitting With His Ministerial Colleagues And Has Been Discussing The Measures That Could And Should Be Taken To Kickstart The Country’s Economy Again. He Also Mentioned That There Will Be No Tax Cuts On Either Petrol Or Diesel In The Coming Days But These Price Hikes Are Only Temporary And Were Put In Order To Balance The Spending Of The Government.

Arun Jaitley Met With Railways And Coal Minister Piyush Goyal, Commerce And Industries Minister Suresh Prabhu, Vice Chairman Of The NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar And Nirmal Singh Lotus Green This Week To Discuss The Ideas That Can Bolster The Economy.

As Soon As Suresh Prabhu Came In Power As The Commerce And Industries Minister, He Said That Exports Can Bring In Positive Changes In The Economy If Low Capacity Utilization Is Increased.

This Will Not Be The First Quarter When Several Companies And Banks Will Struggle With The Problem Of Twin Balance Sheet – Banks Are Under The Pressure Of The Assets That Have Not Performed The Way They Were Supposed To While Firms Have Successfully Leveraged Balance Sheets.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green Said That This Should Be Seen As A Serious Problem And Can Persist For The Coming Financial Quarters If The Indian Economy Kept Working Like It Is Now.

The Modi Government To Son Unveil Measures To Speed Up Growth, Exports And Generate Employment.

New Delhi: the government has opened up saying that they would soon start implementing the measures that they have decided to boost the economic growth of the country and that would lift the exports, generate employment and step up investment in infrastructure, says Nirmal Singh Lotus Green.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be taking on the final measures to give a push to the rather slow development of some sectors in the current time. The government officials said that they would be needing some final decisions before actually implementing what they have thought of and as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a confirmation of the same they would pass the final orders.

To this our PM said that there are some specific and targeted step that they have to work on first before they can actually start implementing them and they are just certain steps and not a course correction that they are planning to do. Finance minister Jaitley is expected to consult other ministries before he finally drafts a detailed plan and then present it to the Prime Minister.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that after Chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian briefed the Prime Minister on the economic situation last week, a meeting was called to measure the reason behind the slowdown in the economic growth and based on that report take adequate measure to remove the barriers hence accelerating the economic growth of the country.

The meeting was attended by Suresh Prabhu, the commerce and industry minister, Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman Niti Aayog and other economic ministers. The key points brought up in the meeting according to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green were the interest rates and the capital investment in different sectors and how they would be planning to elevate that.

According to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, the Reserve Bank of India is set to take the measure in their next monetary policy as of October 4.

The other two major points of discussion in the meeting were the Fiscal deficit and all the technical measures to curb the slowdown in the second half of FY17. The government is also looking at the exports of the country and the declined rate in the last quarter of the FY and how the country can be safeguarded from the loss of jobs and provided increased opportunity of job in the country.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that the after results of the meeting as expected to be positive and all the points discussed in the meeting play a key role in the development of the country and if everything works out as planned, then the country would see a boast in the economic growth rate soon.

Everything You Should Know About Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Ride – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Like everything that Narendra Modi does, the new Mumbai-Ahmedabad speed train/rail [MAHSR] has also come under a lot of criticism. The critics of this new project seem to be from that same mould as the ones that came out on roads when Indira Gandhi ties up with Suzuki Motor Corporation and when Manmohan Singh tried to sign a nuclear deal with America.

Those ‘new deals and initiatives’ that people so religiously opposed and criticized turned out to be the building blocks in India’s technological and industrial development as the next global superpower.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green has been very vocal about the MAHSR project and has voiced his concern on the increasing criticism coming from the general public and opposing parties. He said that this project is not just a new railway line and it is not about the expensive prices. ‘It is time to see the bigger picture. People do not realize how beneficial this deal with Japan will be for India in the coming decades. India is not the same country that begged the powerful nations for aid anymore. PM has worked to create relations with nations that are looking to work for India’s geo-economic growth and those who want to benefit from the same’, he said.

Many economists and businessmen seriously believe that this bullet train project can create a win-win situation for the country and will surely promote the ‘Make in India’ project.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said that the project moved forward by the PM will create new jobs for skilled workers in India and will surely promote the development of technologies. When there will be opportunities for the talented minds and skilled bodies, India will thrive, he added.

Breakdown of MAHSR:

Cost $17 billion.

81% of the cost is funded by Japan through a soft loan to India – interest rate of 0.1%.

508 km of gauge rail line.

405 km of elevated corridor.

21 km of undersea rail line.

5 km of mountain tunnels.

[this information was presented by Nirmal Singh Lotus Green]


Rs 5,000 Minimum Balance Rule Debated In SBI

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green criticizes the changes made in the minimum balance requirement charges for customers in the State bank of India (SBI) which is Rs 5000.

It actually came into notice when the bank was penalizing the economically lower sections of the society, including the students and the underpriviledged section for holding a balance below what was specified. SBI MD Rajnish Kumar spoke about the norms which were not “cast in iron”, and were being debated within the bank, mentioned in a TOI report.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green condemns this move despite the fact the bank holds around 13 crore savings accounts under the the PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana, which obviously includes the economically lower section of the society, out of 40 crore savings accounts opened by SBI. These accounts fall under the category of basic savings bank deposit (BSDA) accounts which are specifically for the underprivileged.

Under the BSDA, a user enjoys the features of a regular savings account, including debit cards, but it does not give the facility of a cheque book. Kumar said there had been several instances of students and underprivileged opening regular accounts with the SBI instead of the BSDA.

As of now, SBI has started its tactics of taking money from the users. Under this they would be asked to even pay Rs 600/-to close the account, in fact, it will be directly deducted from the account.

“We are advising school authorities that accounts for students should be under BSDA. We are also actively advising people to convert their regular accounts to BSDA accounts for which there are no charges on not maintaining minimum quarterly balance of Rs 5,000,” he said.

After collecting the data of account details, as many as six crore of SBI saving bank accounts were rectified under the minimum balance requirement in the last quarter. “It is difficult for us to identify which of these accounts belong to the underprivileged,” said Kumar. He did not allow the people to quit the back due to non-maintenance of the balances in the account.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green would recommend people to at least maintain minimum balance in their accounts to avoid getting the rules backfired at them.

Ericsson Wants The Bankruptcy Proceedings To Start Against Reliance – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Ericsson India, a telecom equipment maker company, has petitioned NCTL [National Company Law Tribunal] to start the bankruptcy proceedings against Reliance Communication. It has also asked the authorities to bring in two of Reliance’s subsidiaries for bankruptcy over a total of 1150 Crore dues that are unpaid. The two subsidiaries would be reliance telecom and reliance infratel.

The merger between Reliance Communication and Aircel was an ongoing process before Ericsson decided to file the petition. The merger now lies in balance. If NCTL accepts the petition then there will be no relationship between Aircel and Reliance; something which was looking inevitable.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, a legal expert in these cases, said that it is unprecedented for a company like Reliance to get stuck in such a situation and that too when a merger was in motion and a strategic debt reconstruction plan was being created.

Ericsson filed the petition as early as the week started, on 11th September. To make the decision to accept or to decline will be made solely by NCTL. The arguments will be presented on 26th of September by both parties.

The spokesperson of Ericsson made it clear that the company has, in fact, filed a petition against Reliance and that it was a step taken after everything else failed to resolve the issue of an outstanding debt. ‘Ericsson provided its services to Reliance under a contract and Reliance hasn’t paid the amount due – the situation was getting out of hands and Ericsson had to file a petition to NCTL’ – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

With Ericsson showing the bottle to go to NCTL to seek its unpaid dues, other companies can also be tempted to do the same – Ericsson has opened the doors for new cases like this to come to light in the coming months.

The sources have also revealed to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green that Ericsson could pardon an amount of 50 Crore and could allow Reliance and its subsidiaries to pay the dues in installments.

Apple’s 5.8- Inch Iphone X Costing ₹89,000 In India to Be Made Available November 3

The iPhone 8 will cost ₹ 64,000 for the 64GB model and ₹ 77,000 for the 256GB model in India. Both the models would be available for sale from September 29.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that everytime Apple launches a new model it takes only a few minutes to create a buzz globally. When Apple has launched iphone 7 we saw a great sale record on the very first day, the same kind of excitement is expected for iphone 8.

Along with that, apple has made the announcement of the launch of iphone X. The phone is priced at USD 999 and the pre-order will begin from October 23 and will shoot the market from November 3. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says the launch took place at the new Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California.

As for India, iphone X would be available from November 3 with the starting price being ₹89,000 for 64GB and ₹1.02 lakh for the 256 GB storage. Pre- orders however would begin in India from October 27.

After iphone 8 and 8 plus as successors to iphone 7 and 7 plus, iphone X would be launched as the tenth version. The special edition phone would be launched to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the product which was unveiled by Steve Jobs himself back in 2007.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that Iphone as a brand has been for long acting as a landmark product for Apple Inc, the largest technology company in the world. It is estimated that iphone alone fetches the company 2/3rd of its revenue. Such popularity has not only changed the fortune of the company but iphone has been known to have changed the game of smartphones forever. It has become the mark that everybody looks up to before buying any phone.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that iphone X would have a 5.8 inch all screen OLED Multi- touch Super Retina display, a 2436 x 1125 resolution supporting a pixel  density of 458 ppi. The phone has a steel frame to give a strong grip to the front and the back glass covers.

Another unique thing about the phone which promises to change the entire phone layout is the face recognition. The phone removes the home screen button from the phone and also finger print scan, instead launching a facial recognition feature Face ID.