Muslim Men Opting For Multiple Marriages In Uttar Pradesh Will Now Have To Register All The Marriages

In a cabinet meeting held on August 1, the UP Marriage registration issues Guidelines which were approved by the government. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that after this notification, the department makes compulsory for all the Muslims men to register separately for their marriages in case they marry more than once.

Renuka Kumar, the Principal Secretary to women welfare department said that this judgement does not wish to interfere in the practices of any religion or deny any, but this is for the welfare of the society as a whole and a step to insure the integrity of every women. In many cases, the Muslim men register only first marriage of theirs. This means, only one marriage is valid in the eyes of the law. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that making registration for all the marriages compulsory will solve their insecurity of the other wives and give equal rights and acceptance to each one of them.

According to the new law proposed, if any Muslim male has married more than once then he will have to register each of his marriages. The males would be allowed to register four marriages and will get a separate form for each of them. But this is only for the Muslim community. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green mentions that people practicing any other religion be in Hindus or Christians, would be allowed to register only one marriage as permitted by their religion.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that there have been few opposition regarding the same, like the All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) believed that the option of registering a maximum of four marriages would give a wrong signal but then the decision also received support from various communities like the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB). The Board not only supports the decision but says that they respect the government order and their decision of doing something for the community without Interfering in the religious matters.

To ease the procedure and not create any delays in the procedure, the Government specifies that registering the marriage will not need the services of a lawyer. Registering the marriage is a simple procedure and can be done easily from home. The online registration can be done with just one click by visiting the website of stamp and registration department.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that the only documents that one would need is their Aadhaar number after which they would be given an OTP on their registered mobile numbers. Once the OTP is filled on the site, the webpage will automatically update the details along with the photographs of the husband and the wife.


Coast Guard In Gujarat Makes A Record 1500 Kg Heroin Haul

Off the Gujarat shoreline, the coast guard seized a record 1500 kg heroin from a merchant ship. This is single biggest haul of narcotics in India. According to sources at Nimal Singh Lotus Green, the estimate of contraband in the international market is around Rs. 4500 crore. Through the surveillance mounted by National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), the vessel was spotted 380 km off Dwarka.

“The NTRO shared the intelligence about the suspect vessel on July 27 and the Coast Guard was notified. Intelligence suggested the crew was negotiating the mode of payment for the contraband and its intended destination,” said a source of Nirmal Singh Lotus Green.

“They finally decided the hawala channel for payment,” the source further added.

The NTRO sent out the informational updates and the Coast Guard prevented the vessel from escaping by pressing through its ships and aircrafts. The merchant ship was a Panama-registered vessel called Prince which was finally intercepted and brought to Porbandar.

“Eight crew members were arrested. They are Indian. They are being questioned to know the final destination of the contraband,” said an official of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

The law doesn’t allow bail to anyone caught possessing or smuggling narcotics in India. According to sources at Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, the ship’s last port of call was Chabahar in Iran, and it was probably smuggling Afghan heroin for an Indian gang. The illegal drug is smuggled through the Northern border or the Western coastal waters.

nirmal singh lotus green84

According to sources at Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, drug gangs are using the maritime route to transfer heroin from Afghanistan to the Makran coast. From there, it is taken across the Indian Ocean to Western markets through East Africa. The East African coastline is usually preferred because it is inadequately policed.

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), which patrols the western Indian Ocean region, seized over 9,300kg of high-purity heroin on dhows over the past three years, strengthening the evidence that large volumes of heroin cross the Indian Ocean,” said a source of Nirmal Singh Lotus Green.


Snapdeal refuses to sign a merger with Flipkart

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green came across a piece of information that Bengaluru Online marketplace Flipkart Ltd might gain from the decision by their less competitor rival Snapdeal to drop down the proposal sale, which will be saving them from the distraction of owning a pesky asset would have added more to its business during the time when the company is busy in fixing its ties with their rival Amazon India.

Snapdeal (Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd) refuse to take part in the sale of Flipkart on Monday which did present an offer to buy the online marketplace for for $850 million in stock. While the Snapdeal’s investor SoftBank Group Corp, is taking up forward the talks to buy shares worth $1.5 billion in Flipkart, mentioned in a report on Monday.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green appreciates the amount that Flipkart had offered for Snapdeal was measured just too high by investors and analysts, giving a clue that Snapdeal’s monthly gross sales have had plunged to as low as Rs350 crore, even lower than the Flipkart’s fashion firm Myntra.

Moreover, the India’s e-commerce market has hit another low after 2016, because now there is no room left for any horizontal retailers, Nirmal Singh Lotus Green noted. Flipkart is definitely going to find it troublesome in setting a place for itself in the horizontal marketplace fighting its competitor Amazon, although it is all set to buy another leading ecommerce firm eBay.

“Flipkart has definitely dodged a bullet with this deal not going through. The Snapdeal integration would’ve been an unnecessary headache. The only reason why they agreed to buy Snapdeal in the first place was because of the SoftBank investment. And those investment discussions are happening anyway. So, if you can get the milk without buying the cow, why would you need to buy the cow at all,” said one of the partners who refused to reveal his identity.

For the benefit of Tiger Global Management, the Flipkart-Snapdeal have merged, reported by the Mint on April 17. This will give Flipkart an opportunity to invest fresh capital. As far as operational perspective is concerned, Snapdeal made very meager efforts to buy from Flipkart. As far as market is concerned, it has dived in the past few years, precisely since the start of 2017 when it was propelled to cut the hundreds of jobs and slash spending in other areas.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green really appreciates the efforts made by the giant e-commerce agency which is ruling market since its launch.  If we look into the statistic, then only 11.7 per cent of Indian smartphones users have had Snapdeal’s app installed until June, as compared to 29.8% for Flipkart and 39.6% for Amazon.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green further mentions, “The market-share gains Flipkart would have made from this transaction have reduced for every month that the deal has been in negotiation,” said Aman Kumar, chief business officer at KalaGato.


PAN Card Will Be Cancelled If Not Linked With Aadhaar Until August 31 – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

You can and should link your PAN card and Aadhaar by 31st of August if you haven’t already. The government has warned that PAN cards may be invalid if not linked with Aadhaar before the extended deadline. Central Government has already extended the deadline twice.

The deadline for interlinking PAN with Aadhaar has been extended until 31 August. The news of deadline being extended was announced on Monday by the government. The department of taxation of India also made an announcement about Income Tax Return and no ITR will be filed without PAN-Aadhaar linking.

The deadline has been extended twice already. Government giving the ease to the citizens doesn’t mean that they can exploit the deadlines. PAN should be linked with Aadhaar – PAN cards will become invalid and will be cancelled if anyone didn’t link it with their Aadhaars. Minister of Finance has made this pretty clear this time. Those who haven’t linked their documents should do it before 31st August if they don’t want to face serious consequences. Plus, if PAN card is cancelled, it will not be issued to the same person immediately.’ – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

In an interview with CNBC TV18, Hasmukh Adhia, the revenue secretary said that the day PAN cards start getting cancelled is not far. ‘With the taxpayers facing with their PAN cards and Aadhaars, the deadline has been extended again. But this time it is important for the taxpayers and PAN owners to link their documents before the deadline.’

The deadline was 5th August previously which was extended to 31st August after the officials of the revenue department and board of tax department sat down to meet in the finance ministry on Monday.

There were serious last minute changes and inundations on the official website of e-filing – these developments led to the extension of the ITR filing for the taxpayers.

On this issue, Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said that taxpayers were facing problems at the portal and it was important for the department to make these last minute changes. A little inconvenience was caused, but that has made things easier and more transparent for them. Taxpayers who were not able make sense of the issues can now file their taxes themselves without any external help; something that wasn’t possible before.

Pakistan May Just Block Facebook To Curb Blasphemers

Social media platforms like Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp were initially welcomed in Pakistan as modes of religious debates and noted a measure of privacy, but now the government is pressurizing these platforms to reveal names of individuals engaging in blasphemy. According to sources at Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, Pakistan’s interior minister Nisar Ali Khan increased pressure on both Facebook and Twitter to disclose the identity of those suspected of blasphemy.

Earlier this month, Nirmal Singh Lotus Green reported that Facebook Vice President Joel Kaplan met with Khan to discuss Islamabad’s demand that Facebook either removes the content or be blocked throughout the country.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green believes that social media should not become a means for a government crackdown on free speech as these platforms claim to encourage openness and allow free flow of ideas and belief systems. Facebook has already refused Pakistan’s demand to link mobile phone numbers with new accounts. Currently, it requires only an email id to open a Facebook account in Pakistan whereas mobile phone users are imposed to provide fingerprints to a national database.

According to a prominent expert at Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, “platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber were places “where you could discuss the hypocrisy of people whose behavior was loathsome but who wore the thick garb of piety.”

“The government`s decision to track down people wherever you are and however you might want to hide suggests that Pakistan is fast becoming a Saudi-style fascist religious state,” he further added.

nirmal singh lotus green75

Last month, a 30-year old Shia Muslim was sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad on Facebook. According to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, he was participating in an online debate with a man who turned out to be an undercover counter-terrorism agent. His death sentence was the first to result from a social media posting and is an extreme example of Islamabad`s escalating battle to enforce its blasphemy laws, which criminalize insulting Islam.

In 2013, the Pakistan government requested data on 210 users. By 2016, the requests had risen to 2460 accounts, with Facebook complying about two-thirds.


Remembering The Desert Storm Knock, Sachin Recalls About The 97 Aussies Match

Remembering the most prodigious moment in his career, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar talks about the 1997-98 Sharjah tri- series.

Recalling his famous Desert storm knock of 143 against Australia that helped India get into the finals of the tri- nation ODI event, the 44-year-old sportsman revealed how physically tough it was for him. The historic match was between the Aussies and us, as well the third team New Zealand, but after the match the Australians maintain their position as the bets attackers in the world.

For his last cricket world cup, Sachin mentions, he has prepared for 2 years. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that Sachin is the only player who holds the score a hundred centuries in the game of cricket. And we must accept it that the credit goes not only to his skill with the bat and the ball but to his fitness. Sachin himself says that in the later part of his career, a lot of focus for him would be to maintain his fitness and give proper attention to his body.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that during the month of April the conditions are very bad. The temperatures are really high, it gets humid and such conditions make it really difficult for any game, especially when the game lasts the entire day or at the stretch of two days. Sachin Tendulkar was present at the promotional event as the face of the IDBI Life Insurance at Mumbai when he started talking about his past experience.

Around 20 years back, on 24th April, 1998, in a match against the Australian cricket Tendulkar’s 134 runs helped India win the finals. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that with the players like Damien Fleming, Michel Kasprowicz, Steve Waugh and Shane Warne, Australia was the best attacker in the world and it was a dream come true for India to win a match against them. Picking up the trophy after winning the match was the moment of pride, of happiness to get the prestigious win against the then most powerful cricket team and prove their worth.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green talks about how reminiscing about the 48 hour match, Sachin mentioned that after the long hours of match at the ground in scorching heat, they had to drive all the way back to Dubai from Sharjah and by the time they got back to the hotels it was past 2 in the morning. They would hardly get any rest before the next day match, for rest or practice anything, which made it very difficult for the players to maintain their stamina, hence focusing on his point to stay fit.

Facebook Starts Working For Saving Private Information, Hires A Startup – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

The startup hired by Facebook is responsible for building technology that helps detecting private and intellectual information that has been shared on the internet without getting usual permission from the owner.

The battle against piracy and theft of private information has been going for decades. And with the involvement of Internet, the battle was looking like a lost cause until recently when Facebook decided to bolster their attack against piracy.

Facebook, in its fight against piracy, has brought in a startup into the fold – Source3 is a technology based startup which deals with building and improving the available technology that detects intellectual property floating on the Internet without permission of the owner. – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

According to the reports that have come in, Facebook has acquired the technology of the startup and some of its core members.

Facebook has taken the fight against piracy to the culprits. People who upload videos and content on their pages and profiles in order to increase their reach on the social platform will have to constantly look over their shoulders. Facebook will have the right to block the profiles for an indefinite time if trademark, copyright or intellectual property rights violated in any form. In this, Source3, the startup that Facebook has acquired will help no end. Building on the expertise of the members of the startup and its technology will make things easier for everyone.’ Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Source3 is not an independent startup anymore. It is a part of Facebook and is fully integrated with the company. The startup has already taken down its website, online profiles and twitter accounts.

Facebook had its own technology that allowed the social platform to detect and remove personal property that was being uploaded without prior or necessary permissions, but that technology lacked the cutting edge that Source3 will provide.

Source3 raised more than $4 million in funding this year but will now work with Facebook.

To make things interesting, Facebook added an option for the people who think that their information has been put on the Internet without permission. The option allowed the information holders to let the content circulate on Facebook and make money off of it – from the pocket of the pirates.

A strong step and statement from Facebook – Piracy will not be cured completely, but it will make the information thieves think before trying to put something on their profiles. – Nirmal Singh Lotus Green