Muslim Men Opting For Multiple Marriages In Uttar Pradesh Will Now Have To Register All The Marriages

In a cabinet meeting held on August 1, the UP Marriage registration issues Guidelines which were approved by the government. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that after this notification, the department makes compulsory for all the Muslims men to register separately for their marriages in case they marry more than once.

Renuka Kumar, the Principal Secretary to women welfare department said that this judgement does not wish to interfere in the practices of any religion or deny any, but this is for the welfare of the society as a whole and a step to insure the integrity of every women. In many cases, the Muslim men register only first marriage of theirs. This means, only one marriage is valid in the eyes of the law. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that making registration for all the marriages compulsory will solve their insecurity of the other wives and give equal rights and acceptance to each one of them.

According to the new law proposed, if any Muslim male has married more than once then he will have to register each of his marriages. The males would be allowed to register four marriages and will get a separate form for each of them. But this is only for the Muslim community. Nirmal Singh Lotus Green mentions that people practicing any other religion be in Hindus or Christians, would be allowed to register only one marriage as permitted by their religion.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that there have been few opposition regarding the same, like the All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) believed that the option of registering a maximum of four marriages would give a wrong signal but then the decision also received support from various communities like the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB). The Board not only supports the decision but says that they respect the government order and their decision of doing something for the community without Interfering in the religious matters.

To ease the procedure and not create any delays in the procedure, the Government specifies that registering the marriage will not need the services of a lawyer. Registering the marriage is a simple procedure and can be done easily from home. The online registration can be done with just one click by visiting the website of stamp and registration department.

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that the only documents that one would need is their Aadhaar number after which they would be given an OTP on their registered mobile numbers. Once the OTP is filled on the site, the webpage will automatically update the details along with the photographs of the husband and the wife.